Essay on "Recent Floods in Sri Lanka"

Essay on “Recent Floods in Sri Lanka”

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There are several natural disasters in Sri Lanka. Landslides, earthquakes, cyclones, droughts are some of them. Luckily we are not affected by earthquakes, but; floods occur in our country. In 1957, there was a major flood in Sri Lanka, according to reports. After that, a destructive flood occurred in 2003.

It is regarded as the worst flood that occurred in our country. It was a flood with landslides. As a result of that, a large number of villagers lost. Some people lose their everyday foods. Thousands of villagers became homeless. The flood-affected districts were Rathnapura, Matara, Galle, Kalutara and Hambanthota. Most of them lost all their belongings, as they had to starve for several days.

They had to seek shelter in schools and temple buildings. The government took prompt steps to provide relief to the flood victims. A large number of voluntary organizations offered to help them. The victims were provided with dry rations, clothes, medicine.

What are the causes of floods?

Putting up buildings on hill slopes, digging of gem pits and cutting down trees are regarded. When a flood occurs, the destruction is caused to houses, properties, animals and forests. However, prompt action should be taken in our country.

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