Essay on "National Parks in Sri Lanka"

Essay on “National Parks in Sri Lanka”

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There are many tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. One of them is National Parks or Sanctuaries. Sri Lanka has a number of national parks. Some of them are Yala, Wilpaththu, Kumana, Wasgamuwa, Bundala, and miners. In these parks, animals wander here and there in their natural habit.

Yala National Park is famous for deer. It is situated in the Ampara district. Kumana National Park is famous for both local and migrant birds. It’s also called the “birds paradise.” Wasgamuwa national park is situated in the Matale district. Minneriya national park is home to large herds of elephants.

It is 8889 hectares in extent. This national park is home to 160 different bird species. The Girithale and Minneriya tanks are located inside the park’s boundaries. The wildlife department maintains all these parks. In these parks, no one is allowed to cut down trees or hunt animals. National parks might be thought of as one of our country’s treasure troves.

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