Essay on "A Shramadana Campaign"

Essay on “A Shramadana Campaign”

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Last week there was a shramadana campaign in our school. The “Youth Club organized it”. The campaign’s main objective was to repair the road leading to our village. The road was in a dilapidated condition. It hadn’t been repaired for several years. So it was full of potholes. By 7.00 a.m., nearly fifty members of the “Youth Club” gathered near the school. They were very enthusiastic. They had brought implements like mammaries and crowbars. The youth services officer in the area took part in this shramadana campaign. The members of the Youth Club were divided into three groups. Each group was entrusted with different activities.

The first team cleared the jungle on either side of the road. Some members of the first group also cut down the overhanging branches of the trees. The second group filled the potholes with soil. They also cleaned the culverts. The third group cleaned side drains. The work was stopped at 1.00 p.m. for lunch. Again the work was resumed by the members of those three groups at about 2.30 p.m. after lunch. They were able to complete the task by 6.00 p.m.

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